Regular Assorted Fruit Custard

Regular tartlet shell that softens over time and melts in your mouth together with real vanilla custard made daily with real eggs, topped with vibrant colourful fresh fruit.

Premium Nutella Glazed

Filled with the best hazelnut spread in the world, topped with a shiny glaze and toasted chopped hazelnuts for that intensifying flavour, these tartlets will explode in your mouth and send you to hazelnut chocolate heaven.

Premium Dark Chocolate Seasalt

Experience bold bitter lightly salted chocolate perfection with these beauties. Filled with luscious dark chocolate ganache with 70% pure cocoa content and sprinkled seasalt, they will satisfy all your dark chocolate cravings. And more.

Premium Assorted Fruit Custard

Fresh, colourful and bursting with juicy fruit, yummy vanilla custard and premium buttery tart shell that gives the perfect crunch. These fruit tartlets are a show stopper dessert, perfect for any occasion.

Premium Raspberry White

Decadent Callebaut white chocolate with a delightful surprise hidden inside, these tartlets blend sweet cocoa butter with the zing from fresh raspberries. A true white chocolate lover's dream.

Premium Chocolate Cocoa

Creamy Belgian chocolate filling, topped with beautiful, shiny, semi sweet chocolate glaze with a mirror-like finish. These tartlets are pure chocolate heaven and the chicest of chocolates on your dessert table.