From Elmyra Lemary to Tartistry by M

The 3 Cs of life - Choices, Chances, Changes. And in this past year, another C was added to the list – circuit breaker. Elmyra Lemary was born at the height of circuit breaker. Mirza, my husband, lost work projects due to the Covid situation and our family income was reduced by 90%. After a long deep discussion, we decided it was time to dedicate our efforts to my baking talents. At the same time, it was also Ramadhan. I had to adapt to the Muslim community’s iftar needs as there was a lack of demand for cakes and macarons. Hence I put together our Assorted Fruit Vanilla Custard Tartlet box. I did not look back after that. It has truly been a journey. 

We spent our lockdown days juggling baking and parenting. We'd wake up early to purchase fresh fruits from the wet market and make vanilla custard from scratch. We'd then deliver the orders right up to our customers’ doorsteps. It was a challenging time but the overwhelming positive reviews from family and friends kept us going. Fast forward to a year later, we wouldn't be where we are if not for the encouragement and support from certain important people in our lives – our beautiful children, our parents, extended family and our friends. Super grateful to my mum and parent in laws. Despite their golden age, they still help us with the house, the kids and at times, the business. My nephews, for the occasional last minute delivery trips. My friends, for being there for me through my ups and downs, you know who you 3 are ⚘

A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you. 
As Mirza continues his search for a stable permanent job as a Music Educator (biasness aside, he is an awesome one at that!), he'll help me run the website and other backend work when he is able to. I, on the other hand, feel its time to say goodbye to Elmyra Lemary. And begin the next chapter of my baking journey with Tartistry by M. Do allow me to continue to share my love for all things tarts, with you. 
Humbly yours, Maryam.