3pm to 7pm only

1) for delivery timing requests between 3pm - 7pm, additional $8 applies

2) for deliveries before 3pm, please whatsapp 98580870 before placing your order to discuss options and arrange, additional $8 applies

3) surcharge of $20 for orders to be ready before 12pm

4) no deliveries before 10am and after 7pm


10am to 7pm 

1) at your preferred timing, subject to driver's availability

2) please whatsapp 98580870 to arrange timing before placing your order

3) surcharge of $20 *** for orders ready before 12pm

4) cc / preschools / schools / offices/ hotels / hospitals / other non residential addresses

5) please arrange for someone to pick the order from the pickup/dropoff point at lobby

6) this applies to schools located in malls and office buildings as well

7) Pri / Sec / Tertiary School deliveries will be to the General Office or Guardhouse only

8) no deliveries before 10am and after 7pm



1) As the mini tarts are prepared fresh before delivery, there is a surcharge of $20 for orders that need to be ready before 12pm or delivered by or before 12.30pm (outside of our opening hours)

2) Alternatively, you may want to arrange for your order to be delivered the day before. However, do take note there will be a change in texture if mini tarts are kept overnight

3) Assorted Fruit Vanilla is best consumed on the day of delivery as the cut fruits do not fare well in the fridge